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School of Health Sciences


Kinesiology: Health and Physical Education--Teacher Certification


Weight Watchers, Atkins, diet, weight loss, calorie restriction, food group restriction


Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition | Other Public Health


The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of a calorie-restricted diet versus one with restricted food groups. To accomplish this, a survey with 19 participants, age ranging from 25 to 74 years, was taken for people who attempted Weight Watchers, a calorie-restricted diet, and Atkins, a low-carbohydrate diet. The success rates of each of these diets will be compared and analyzed in this study. Participants reported short-term and long-term weight loss results. For the data analysis, descriptive statistics and two independent t-tests were performed. For short-term weight loss on Atkins, M = 20.25, and on Weight Watchers, M = 44.33. With net weight loss, Atkins averaged 11.25 pounds and Weight Watchers group averaged 44.33 pounds. Although the independent t-tests did not show a significant difference, research suggests that calorie restriction is more effective for long-term maintenance.