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Entrepreneurship, running, footwear, apparel, cause marketing


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations | Marketing | Recreation Business | Sports Management


Entrepreneurship has been the backbone of the American economy since the penning of the Declaration of Independence. Small businesses help the United States prosper and help create jobs for the American people. As today’s business world is increasingly changing in a technological and global way, entrepreneurs must consider many environmental conditions in their small business planning. Business start-up is a long process backed by research and market testing that will maximize the opportunity for success. One way many business start-ups have become successful is through cause-related marketing programs that many people support. Additionally, a particular industry that has proven to be successful despite tough economic times is the sports apparel industry, and specifically the running industry. This thesis will seek to tie together entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and the running footwear and apparel industry. Entrepreneurs looking to get involved in the running industry can be successful in today’s business world if their venture is coupled with great start-up research, a great cause and a corporate social responsibility program.