Publication Date

Spring 2014


School of Religion


Religion: Women's Ministries


First Timothy 2:15 has historically been a verse yielding a great deal of confusion and difficulty to understand and interpret. After surveying a diverse array of interpretations suggested by both historical and modern scholars, as well as an in-depth analysis of the lexical and contextual components of the verse, this thesis seeks to narrow down the possibilities for interpretation and offer a probable understanding of this difficult text. First Timothy 2:15 directly follows a statement in the passage that describes the way that Eve specifically, and all women by association, was deceived and fell into sin. Within a broader context, 1 Timothy 2:15 addresses issues in a passage that also places restriction upon teaching or holding authority over men by women in the church. Despite these things, a woman will be restored to the glorious state that she was created in as she, a genuine believer, participates in the role and ministry of childbearing, as well as other godly roles that fit within God’s intended order.