Publication Date

Spring 4-2014


College of Arts and Sciences




genre, literature, theology


Christianity | Nonfiction | Other English Language and Literature


Since the Christian worldview is composed of more than theoretical truth, Christian literature should reflect these other aspects, such as how that truth is applied in the lives of the saints. Furthermore, the praxis element of worldview is reflected in literature more naturally in narrative genres than in more expository writings like systematic theology. Narrative genres mirror the complex, temporal way a person lives his life, and because of this are able to show how objective truth is applied in subjective situations. For this reason, Christians need contemporary writing that reflects the process of everyday Christian living to offer a model for growth and encouragement. Several authors have written books that can be classified as theological creative Nonfiction. They share the goal of encouraging the saints in everyday circumstances of faith as well as the methodology of drawing from the author’s own life and experience and are examples of the same model of theological writing that directly reflects and informs praxis.