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Spring 4-14-2014


School of Business


Business: Marketing


Book publishing, publishing, strategy, branding





In the present book publishing industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional book publishing companies to compete and adapt due to the changing structure of the industry. By examining the history and industry of book publishing and lessons from Disney, TOMS Shoes, and the film industry, a feasible business strategy will be formulated for a book publishing company. Trends such as the rise in self-publishers and the balance between print books and eBooks are dramatically changing the industry environment, shifting the power towards authors more than ever before. Where once the only way to publish was through a traditional publishing company, authors now have many other choices. With lessons learned from Disney, TOMS Shoes, and the film industry, book publishing companies can formulate a feasible business strategy for branding itself towards its consumers. The key lessons are that a company must have a product that has a distinct quality, genre, and style, it must have a mission and vision that consumers can connect with, and it must be able to advertise and market its products and mission well. Matching the industry trends with the lessons learned, a book publishing company can thrive in today’s book publishing industry.

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