Publication Date

Spring 4-14-2014


School of Religion


Religion: Women's Ministries


Women, Life-Giving, Exodus 1-2


Biblical Studies | Christianity | Ethics in Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


“Restoring Life-Giving in a Life-Taking World” examines women’s roles as life-givers in Exodus 1-2. The stories of the Hebrew midwives, Jochebed, Pharaoh’s daughter, and Miriam are paradigmatic of God’s use of unlikely characters to accomplish His creational plan. Through the life-giving actions of each of these women, God preserved His plan to deliver His people by preserving the life of their deliverer, Moses, and in turn, preparing for the ultimate deliverer, Jesus Christ.

This thesis reveals the life-giving actions of the women in Exodus 1-2 and their strategic position to influence change in their society. The paradigm of God giving life through women is crucial for all generations and ultimately represents God’s twofold plan to restore His image in human beings and give eternal life through Christ.