Publication Date

Fall 12-3-2013


School of Communication


Visual Communication Arts


art, symbolism, color, meaning, message, sculpture, painting, photography, conceptual, communicate, symbol, truth, represents, emotions


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Christianity | Ethics in Religion | Fashion Design | Fine Arts | Graphic Design | Illustration | Other Arts and Humanities | Photography


Symbolism is an artistic style frequently used in the arts. Through the course of art history, it was its own artistic movement as well. The incorporation of specific symbols, shapes, colors, or identifiable images communicates to the viewer an intended message or statement. Frequently, symbolism appears to be hidden or initially unperceived by the intended audience. In some works, symbolism is so abstract that it needs explanation or clarification to be understood completely by the viewer. This thesis will analyze a few techniques of symbolism that can be incorporated in a work of art to communicate truth, entice thought, point the viewer to a particular concept, or draw out an intended emotion.