Melanye Crayton

Publication Date

Fall 2006

Primary Subject Area

Music; Education, Music; Education, General; Education, Art; Education, Curriculum and Instruction


Music Education, Music Curriculum, Public School, Music Studies


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Music has been a part of human experience since the existence of man. It has been studied throughout the ages by philosophers and students, laymen and courtesans. When America was settled, it became a part of a student's education, eventually becoming part of the curriculum of public schools. In the twentieth century, the study of music experienced a decline in the public educational systems.

The study of music is beneficial for all students. It provides students with an opportunity to excel in school work, the benefit of learning in a constructive and positive atmosphere, and the opportunity to learn about different subjects and different cultures of the world. The study of music is an important part of every student's life and should, therefore, be included in the American school system as a required academic subject in order that each student may be provided with an opportunity to develop creatively, mentally, and socially.