Publication Date

Spring 4-19-2013


Center for Academic Support and Advising Services (CASAS)


Interdisciplinary Studies

Primary Subject Area

Music; Anthropology, Cultural


Music of the Algonquins, Algonquin Native Americans, Native American music, Musical Culture, Native American Dance


Music | Other Languages, Societies, and Cultures


The study of the music of the indigenous peoples of North America has been a topic of research since the late nineteenth century. These studies have mainly focused on the American Indians that lived west of the Mississippi. The Native American groups that lived on the eastern border of North America, known as the Eastern Woodland American Indians, have received much less attention than these other groups. This project focuses on one of the groups associated with the Eastern Woodland tribes, the Algonquins. The purpose of this study is to research their musical culture by focusing on the musical instruments of the Algonquins, the general characteristics of the music of these native peoples, the activities and ceremonies associated with music and dance, and how the Algonquin musical tradition is being carried on today.