Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2013


College of Arts and Sciences


Nursing (B.S.N.)

Primary Subject Area

Health Sciences, Nursing; Health Sciences, Pathology


celiac disease, coeliac disease, CD, neurological, symptoms


Digestive, Oral, and Skin Physiology | Medical Neurobiology | Medical Pathology


New research has revealed that Celiac disease, an autoimmune illness affecting the small intestine, has more ties with neurological side effects than once was thought. The classic and most well known presentation of Celiac disease is gastrointestinal, including symptoms such as abdominal pains, nausea, diarrhea, and flatulence. Researchers have more recently found a correlation between Celiac disease and neurological illnesses such as epilepsy, depression, dementia, and ADHD. Physician awareness of the disease and the neurological side of the illness should be heightened in order for patients to receive earlier diagnosis and a better quality of life. Because of the difficulty to diagnose this disease when the presentation is neurological, there is indication for mass screening programs to be implemented.