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College of Arts and Sciences


Health Promotion: CHES Track; Health Promotion: Clinical Track

Primary Subject Area

Health Sciences, Oncology


cancer, vitamin C, chemotherapy


Alternative and Complementary Medicine


While vitamin C has been proven to benefit the immune system during acute infections, there are now many studies to support the findings that vitamin C may also contribute to more effective chemotherapy and lessened damage on the body as a result of chemotherapy. This thesis investigates the impact of vitamin C on many components of cancer such as C-reactive protein, interleukins, reactive oxygen species, and many types of antioxidants and examines vitamin C's ability to inhibit or promote these agents' functions in the body. In addition, this thesis evaluates the ability of vitamin C to keep tumor cells from developing, enhance the antioxidant abilities of other cellular components including vitamin E, lessen the carcinogenic environment produced by chronic inflammation, and diminish the effects of chemotherapy. This thesis concludes by comparing various methods of vitamin C administration and their varied levels of effectiveness in cancer treatment.