Publication Date

Spring 4-9-2013


College of Arts and Sciences



Primary Subject Area

Language, Ancient; Language, Modern


Greek. Koine, dead languages, ancient languages, pedagogy


Ancient History, Greek and Roman through Late Antiquity | Higher Education and Teaching


The effect of outdated NT Greek pedagogy has left many seminary students ill-equipped to properly exegete using the NT Greek language. Many seminary students graduate with a firm knowledge of syntactic rules, but they are still unable to read the NT text without having to constantly consult a Greek grammar and dictionary. Even though the current style of teaching has been used for many years, research in second language acquisition has exposed that the traditional translation method has many flaws. One of these researchers, Stephen Krashen, has identified that the key to language competence is not learning vocabulary and grammar rules, but rather acquiring language through comprehensible input. For some reason, NT Greek is still based on the outdated traditional translation method Krashen’s research has shown to be ineffective. Vast improvements can be made by applying Krashen’s theories to NT Greek pedagogy. Although these methods boldly defy tradition, they not only result in knowledge about NT Greek, but actual comprehension of NT Greek.