Publication Date

Spring 4-16-2013


School of Religion


Religion: Biblical Studies

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies


Romans, Condemnation, Sin, Salvation, Justification, Identification, Sanctification, Faith, Righteousness


Biblical Studies | Christianity


All of mankind faces a great dilemma, whether they realize it or not, regarding their state of depravity in sin. No man could ever devise a solution for the problem; even great philosophers have been stumped over how a righteous God could possibly save sinners. Yet God’s answer to man’s dilemma is the death of Christ, whereby He has made the way to declare man righteous while remaining righteous Himself. The marvelous truths presented in Romans go even further to reveal that not only has righteousness been provided, but those who have been identified in the death and resurrection of Jesus also share in His new life and are free from the power of sin that once ensnared them (Romans 6). Thus, Paul presents within the epistle of Romans a detailed revelation of man’s depravity, God’s salvation, and the call to walk in the righteousness that the justified have received through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.