Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2013


College of Arts and Sciences


Music: Choral

Primary Subject Area

Biology, Anatomy; Education, Curriculum and Instruction; Education, Music; Fine Arts; Music


Vocal physiology, larynx, middle school, vocal mutation, changing voice, puberty, repertoire, vocal technique, music education, vocal pedagogy


Music Pedagogy


Discovering the correct vocal training techniques for middle school students is a difficult task for music teachers in regards to their changing voices and their new discoveries of interests and preferences. Adolescence marks the final phase in development to vocal maturity and thus, knowledge of how to cultivate an effective teaching style for middle school students is crucial. The following study will attempt to simplify the responsibilities of music teachers by focusing on the vocal development of adolescents, and recommending repertoire choices suitable for middle school students. The study will also analyze differences in gender, age, and ability levels. Ultimately, readers will gain an understanding of what to expect from students in this stage of development.