Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2013


College of Arts and Sciences; School of Religion


Theatre: Production

Primary Subject Area

Theater; Religion, General


Theatre, Devotional, Christianity, Acting, Design


Acting | Other Theatre and Performance Studies | Practical Theology


Many Christians have noted Romans 1:20’s statement that God is reflected in His creation. As a theater student, I have found this to be true even in how theatrical artists actually execute their craft. Thus, for my senior honors thesis I have decided to further study this connection between the Lord and theater, for which I expect to find more of what I have already found in parallels between the Christian walk and theater arts. For the completion of this thesis, research for theatrical content will include acting and design, and research for biblical content will include the Bible and prominent theologians such as John Piper and John MacArthur. This information will then be organized, analyzed, and elaborated on in regards to the connection between theatre and theology. The result will be a collection of devotionals specifically related to the theatrical artist’s craft and work.