Publication Date

Spring 4-16-2013


Helms School of Government


Government: Pre-Law

Primary Subject Area

Education, General


State tuition tax credits, school choice, education, public policy


Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education


Public schools are afflicted by a litany of ailments ranging from the methodological to the practical. Public schools operate on a conflicted educational philosophy, are rife with inefficiencies, and result in educational monopolies. A state tuition tax credit system is the most advantageous policy option available in regards to education reform and school choice initiatives. This paper will examine some of the 11 state tuition tax credit programs currently in operation as well as other school choice options, and identify problems inherent in the public school system. State tuition tax credits are a superior educational policy option as compared with the public education system, because they allow free market pressures to reform inefficiencies in the public school system, and allow private schools an increased ability to compete. Other positive effects include increased parental choice, higher academic achievement, increased graduation rates, and decreased strains on state budgets. This paper will attempt to prove that state tuition tax credits are the most efficient and effective school choice policy in use today and should be adopted by the remaining 39 states.