Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2013


School of Business; College of Arts and Sciences


Family and Consumer Sciences

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, General


Fashion, Humanitarian Aid, Business, Toms, Krochet Kids International, Hello Somebody, Social Responsibility


Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations


The following paper is intended to provide prospective entrepreneurs, who desire to incorporate humanitarian aid into fashion-oriented startup ventures, with information regarding current business models and prominent companies. A discussion of approaches to humanitarian relief and their effectiveness will assist prospective entrepreneurs as they assess the best manner in which their individual startups may serve people in need. Three commonly utilized models of aid to be discussed include employment-based, tangible goods-based, and monetary donation-based that exist with the intentions to provide relief for causes such as food, health, clean water, education, clothing, job creation, and freedom. Through the compilation of case studies of TOMS Shoes, Krochet Kids, and Hello Somebody, the author identifies extractable lessons for prospective entrepreneurs, including concerns of product development, method of distribution, marketing, and consideration of causes to support. The objective of the paper is to develop awareness of matters to consider throughout the initial phases of preparation and execution so that prospective entrepreneurs may increase their chances for success.