Publication Date

Spring 4-21-2013


School of Religion


Religion: Pastoral Ministries

Primary Subject Area

Religion, General


Mentorship, Bible, Pastoral Leadership, Thesis, Next Generation


Christianity | Comparative Methodologies and Theories | Practical Theology


Mentorship is a key function of the Church. If intentional effort to pass the torch of ministry through mentorship is not taken, then in one generation the Church will be dead or crippled. Though much has been written on mentorship, most have approached the topic by matching their methods with biblical teaching rather than starting in the Bible and developing their methods from it. A search for examples of mentorship that exist in the Old and New Testament will synthesize to form methods and principles which biblical characters used. These methods and principles are evaluated and then contextualized for the modern Christian to form a foundation which can be used as a strong basis for the creation of any mentorship program.