Publication Date

April 2008


School of Communication


Communication Studies: Journalism

Primary Subject Area



christians in journalism, journalism, journalist, religion in the workplace


This thesis seeks to provide practical advice for an evangelical Christian entering the field of journalism. Two ways for Christians to work within journalism were examined throughout the research process: one, Christian publications and two, Christian people working at secular publications, which is given the bulk of the attention. Research included various books and articles on journalism, journalism history, and people of faith in various occupations. Marvin Olasky, a leader in Christian journalism, was interviewed, as was Dr. David Aikman, a Christian who worked within secular journalism. The results of this research provide information for Christians entering secular journalism, from a look at journalism’s past, to problems journalism has in the present, to what Christians can do in journalism in the future. Information is presented to encourage Christians who plan to spread Christ by working in secular journalism.