Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2013


School of Business


Business: Marketing

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, Marketing; Business Administration, General; Business Administration, Management; Economics, General


Corporate Social Responsibility, Carroll, Management, Ethics, Nike, CSR, Stakeholder


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics | Human Resources Management | International Business | Labor Relations | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Strategic Management Policy


This paper will address Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its far-reaching implications. Initially, the term CSR will be introduced and defined to provide the backbone for the following discussions. The paper will address the theoretical constructs of CSR, managerial strategies for implementing CSR and the application of stakeholder theory. The thesis is built upon Dr. Archie Carroll’s four-part CSR construct. In addition, international standards of CSR, with a focus on Nike, Inc.’s actions, will be evaluated.