Publication Date

Fall 11-28-2012


School of Education


Integrated Studies: Special Education--Teacher Certification

Primary Subject Area

Education, Bilingual and Multicultural


TESL, Teaching Hispanic Students


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Educational Methods


With the increase of diversity in American schools and the growing importance of English around the world, teaching English as a second language has become an essential aspect to education. It is difficult to have students of different cultural backgrounds in the classroom who are not proficient in English. A teacher cannot expect these students to succeed in an English only classroom setting. It is important that there be specialized teachers to address the needs of these students in order to reach all students where they are and help them accomplish all that they need to in order to succeed. Countless methods have been proposed for teaching students English. My thesis will examine the different methods and primarily focus on how they are used with Hispanic students and which ones seems to produce better results.