Publication Date

Fall 11-29-2012


School of Education


Integrated Studies: Elementary--Teacher Certification

Primary Subject Area

Education, Curriculum and Instruction; Education, History of; Education, Philosophy of; Education, Teacher Training


influential educators, educational philosophy




The purpose of this study is to examine the lives of seven educators and present a synopsis of their lives, educational beliefs, and how their practices are implemented in the modern classroom. The educators included are Socrates and Plato, Jesus Christ, Johann Pestalozzi, Fredrich Frobel, Maria Montessori, and Jamie Escalante. Each were considered great teachers of their time, and their practices be evaluated for effectiveness and then implemented into modern educational thinking.

The goal of addressing each educator individually is to look at what these educators have in common that all teachers should identify as effective practice. These commonalities may not be found in their methodologies and practices, but in the underlying beliefs of their roles as educators.

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Education Commons