Publication Date

Spring 5-2012


College of Arts and Sciences


Psychology: Clinical/Experimental

Primary Subject Area

Psychology, Social


text messaging, computer mediated communication, emotion, expressing emotion, texting, communication


Social Psychology


Research indicates that emotion is not easily expressed or interpreted between senders and receivers who communicate through computer mediated communication methods such as text messaging. This fast paced, inexpensive and technologically advanced communication tool of text messaging has become a socially acceptable and valid form of communication in the twenty first century in many populations, cultures, and regions. Twenty pairs of female friends’ abilities to delineate and interpret accurately the four emotions of: joy, anger, sadness, and guilt in eight different text message scenarios were investigated. The results determined that although the accuracy rate of the sender expressing an emotion and the receiver correctly interpreting the emotion was greater than chance, the accuracy rate was also below one hundred percent. Furthermore, a positive relationship was revealed between the sender’s confidence and the receiver’s accuracy rate of interpreting angry text messages.