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School of Communication


Communication Studies: Advertising and Public Relations


advertising, women, persuasion, research, study


This study attempted to analyze the effects of an advertising campaign on American women in to illustrate that these women are vastly unaware of just how influential advertising is on their thoughts and actions. It aimed to make women more aware of the presence of advertising in their lives by giving a brief history of the subject, by outlining some current claims in the field, and by introducing a new concept known as shared gender culture. To follow up on secondary research, this study also conducted an experiment on thirty-four women ages eighteen to fifty-five to discover their reactions to a new, never seen advertising campaign for beef. The study attempted to persuade and analyze the effects of persuasion. The study was conducted by survey and asked women their thoughts on and uses of beef before and after revealing the entire print campaign to them. Results showed that half of the participants were not persuaded by the campaign at all through their first and only viewing of it; 26.5% of the women consider themselves entirely invulnerable to advertising persuasion at all. Many women showed great distrust for claims in advertisements, calling them false. Those who did admit to persuasion did so out of a desire to be sexy, happy, healthy, and nurturing to others.