Publication Date

Spring 4-28-2012


College of Arts and Sciences


Nursing (B.S.N.)

Primary Subject Area

Health Sciences, Oncology


Metronomic chemotherapy, low dose chemotherapy, MTD chemotherapy, oncology, breast cancer


Medical Pharmacology


Chemotherapy is the preferred treatment for patients with breast cancer nationwide; however, the dosage and duration of this treatment have come under recent scrutiny. The efficacy of high dose chemotherapy is many times inadequate, and the adverse physical effects resulting from this regimen have a negative holistic impact on the patients. Studies suggest that low dose chemotherapy, through antiangiogenesis, affects the spread of breast cancer carcinomas and may produce less harmful side effects in relation to the heart, brain, and eyes. Thus, oncological research proposes that a low dose regimen improves the patient’s quality of life and may be an effective regimen to treat breast cancer, simultaneously. Chemotherapy administered in low doses, coupled with innovative treatments such as insulin potentiation, may prove to be a regimen able to weaken breast malignancies without debilitating the patient’s daily functioning.