Publication Date

April 2008


College of Arts and Sciences


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Primary Subject Area

Biology, Molecular


cyanobacteria, Anabaena, phosphatase


The focus of this paper is a dual-specific protein phosphatase (DSP) previously found in the periplasm of the cyanobacterium Anabaena PCC 7120 that may regulate circadian rhythms in that organism. To fully understand the topic, summaries of enzyme action, cyanobacteria, circadian rhythms, and phosphorylation cycles are required and therefore discussed in this report before the presentation of previous and current laboratory research centered on the phosphatase.

A continuous cyanobacterial culture was maintained while cells were collected for harvesting periplasm. Tests to determine size, enzyme activity, and protein content were performed on the periplasm of the bacterial cells. Initial findings revealed at least one periplasmic protein phosphatase and possible optimal pH levels for each.