Publication Date

Spring 4-23-2012


School of Business


Business: International Business; Business: Management

Primary Subject Area

Business Administration, Management; Business Administration, General; Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies


International Business, Korean, American, Leadership, Human Resource Management, Racial Studies, Cultural Studies, GLOBE


Human Resources Management | International Business


Korea and the USA have recently proceeded in efforts to become closer trading partners through the passing of the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) and FTAs. More economic integration calls for a stronger understanding of the influences of each other’s cultures. Whether culture influences leadership style or not will be explored. Major influences include history, philosophy, and religion. The meaning of leadership and the characteristics of both of the cultures will succeed after the discussion of the major facets of culture. The application of the cultures and leadership in a business setting will be evaluated and explored. Sources will include interviews with Korean-Americans, other scholarly sources, and various culture and business books and magazines.