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School of Education


Integrated Studies: Elementary--Teacher Certification

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Education, Curriculum and Instruction


Classroom Management, Urban Schools, Practical Strategies, Film




Identifying effective classroom management techniques and working discipline methods is a challenge within the education arena, particularly for new teachers. An educator reading this thesis will be able to identify leading problems in managing student behaviors, especially within the inner-city classroom. This thesis highlights a number of prevention strategies and addresses how to avoid ineffective techniques. By acquiring a better understanding of the hidden rules of poverty, the reader will learn how to adapt classroom management strategies to meet students’ needs within the inner-city classroom. Various movies have been made concerning effective inner-city teachers. These films are based on real teachers, students, and educational conditions. They stand out as beacons of their time because of their realistic portrayal of urban school conditions and effective strategies modeled through each teacher’s experience. By examining these films, teachers can identify the four types of challenging behaviors in their proper contexts and analyze how teachers adequately responded to each situation. This research will benefit the Education Community by reducing behavioral incidents due to poor classroom management and ensuring that disciplinary methods develop responsible students.

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