Publication Date

Spring 5-2011


School of Religion


Religion: Biblical Studies

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies; Religion, Clergy; Religion, General


church, parachurch, ecclesiology, bible, parachurch ministries


Biblical Studies | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion


In light of the present situation of Christianity, it has become necessary to examine the biblical basis for ministries outside the normal parameters of the Church. One of the biggest problems with addressing this issue is that of defining the parachurch. An accurate and sufficient definition for what constitutes a parachurch ministry requires an investigation into biblical ecclesiology. The relationship between parachurch ministries and the local and universal church must be established in a time when the lines between them are blurred. Some basic principles need to be established which describe what constitutes a biblical reason for the creation of parachurch ministries, what guidelines those ministries should follow, and what type of relationship they should maintain with local churches.