Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2011


School of Religion


Religion: Biblical Studies

Primary Subject Area

Religion, Biblical Studies


Sabbath rest, Hebrews, intertextuality, typology, sabbatismos


The book of Hebrews is a complex and intricate book full of Old Testament references. Intertextuality, or the New Testament’s use of the Old Testament, plays an important role in Hebrews, specifically in the context of 3:7-4:11. In this passage there occurs a phrase unique to the whole Bible, “Sabbath rest” (4:9). While this phrase seems to point to some sort of eschatological reality, there are numerous factors which play a role in determining what this “Sabbath rest” actually is. In order to come to a proper understanding of the meaning and significance of this phrase, an analysis of the author’s use of intertextuality must be conducted.