Publication Date

Spring 4-11-2011


Helms School of Government


Criminal Justice

Primary Subject Area

Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Studies; Sociology, Criminology and Penology


Criminal Justice, ethics, issues, policing


Criminal Law | Law and Society


The purpose of this thesis is to express the need for young men and women in law enforcement to endure ethical dilemmas through a Christian worldview. Ethical dilemmas and moral struggles in the criminal justice field are described in detail throughout the thesis. In the decision-making process during an ethical dilemma, an officer with a Christian worldview should make better decisions with the added guidance from the Holy Spirit. This thesis delves into the different aspects of ethics including reasons why some police officers make immoral decisions. The ethical issues in criminal justice have been a problem in law enforcement for years and this study identifies the importance of maintaining the honor of the police badge.