Publication Date

Spring 5-2008


College of Arts and Sciences


Psychology: Clinical/Experimental

Primary Subject Area

Psychology, Experimental; Psychology, Clinical; Psychology, Physiological; Psychology, Social


eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia, self-image, Christian higher education, control


Biological Psychology | Clinical Psychology | Health Psychology | Quantitative Psychology


Disordered eating has become an increasing problem, especially in western culture. A study was conducted to determine a possible relationship between disordered eating among college students and type of university. Previous studies allude to the possibility of private evangelical colleges yielding more eating disorders than private non-evangelical and public colleges. College students at two east coast universities were compared on the Eating Attitudes Test and a demographic questionnaire. The research indicated that prevalence of eating disorders is not significantly different between private evangelical institutions and private non-evangelical institutions. The findings show some background, prevalence, causes, and theoretical explanation of eating disorders.