Publication Date

Spring 2010


School of Education


Kinesiology: Health and Physical Education--Teacher Certification

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Education, Elementary




Romania’s history under the influence of Communism has had lasting effects on all aspects of daily life, from politics to economics to education. Many of the philosophies imbedded in the fabric of Romanian society during the Communist regime under leaders such as Ion Antonescu Nicolae Ceausescu are still affecting Romanians today and particularly the decisions made regarding schooling and the system of education in Romania in terms of curriculum, instructional methods, and standards. Involvement in the Holocaust was often downplayed but now the goal is to circulate truth as to the scope and depth of connection with the Nazi principles. Perceptions of minorities, such as the gypsy Roma people, as well as those diagnosed as Special Education, stem from ideals communicated by the Communist platform. In education, ministry officials are working diligently to break from Communism, embrace democracy, and implement change to revitalize the educational structure through re-writing textbooks, reform in teacher training and a new prominent role of research.

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