Publication Date

Spring 2006


The Harvard School of Public Health College Alcohol Study (CAS) is an ongoing, multiyear study that has included to date over 14,000 students at 120 four-year colleges throughout America which accesses alcohol attitudes and behaviors. The purpose of this research is to extend that study by altering the instrument used in the CAS, making it more relevant to Liberty University students. Few institutions, if any, which were studied previously, strictly prohibit alcohol use for all students. Therefore, the research will also assist in determining if Liberty University policies against drinking alcohol are stringent enough to discourage the act. The binge drinking rate of Liberty University students, 10.7%, is significantly lower than the national average of 44.1 %. Male students at the school binge drink more often than females, commuter students more often than residents, students older than 21 more often than students under 21, upperclassmen more often than underclassmen, and students with a low grade point average more often than those with a high grade point average. Overall, the abstaining rate of Liberty University students, 50.3%, is significantly higher than national average, 19.2 %. Thus, the strict alcohol policies of Liberty University are effective in deterring students from following national trends.