Publication Date

Spring 2010


School of Communication


Communication Studies: Broadcasting


Mass Communication


Almost everyone watches or listens to various forms of media every day, whether this comes in the form of television, radio, print, or movies. Not only is mostly everyone exposed to media, but also the typical American spends at least several hours a day in exposure to some kind of media. All this time Americans spend watching or listening to media raises the question: “If someone spends hours each day watching television or watching some other sort of media, is this going to have some sort of effect?” This study begins with a literature review of research which investigates the influence media has in the areas of violence, alcohol, sex, and body image. The study then documents and analyzes responses of Liberty University Communication students who are likely to be involved in the production of media in the future. The survey asks them questions regarding their beliefs on media influence and their intentions based on these beliefs to try to exert influence on media consumers.