Publication Date

Spring 2006


Athletic trainers are often put in situations where they may be pressured to make morally compromising decisions regarding issues ranging from insurance fraud to substance abuse. The Athletic Training Department at Liberty University seeks to produce findings based on the results of a survey focusing on the role that an athletic trainer's worldview plays in these decision-making processes that shows a correlation between an individual's worldview and the types of decisions he makes. It is the goal of the Liberty University Athletic Training Program to determine how significant the effects of an athletic trainer's worldview would have on the decisions that he makes in a given situation. The purpose of this research project was to develop one of two surveys which will be combined to form the final survey instrument that the Athletic Training Program will use to collect and classify the data concerning the effects of an athletic trainer's worldview in his decision-making process. Designing this research instrument included tasks such as pre-testing reliability, establishing objectivity, and determining variables. These, among other things, were all considerations during the process of constructing such a survey instrument. It is important to note that the purpose of this project was to develop only one of the two surveys which will then be combined to form the final instrument that will be used in a future study by the Athletic Training Program at Liberty University.