Publication Date

Summer 6-7-2024


School of Health Sciences


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


peroxidase, peroxygenase, enzyme assay, horseradish, pumpkin, butternut squash, jalapeno, guaiacol assay, HPLC, plant peroxidases, dye decolorization, water polution


Agricultural Science | Biochemistry | Environmental Health | Other Plant Sciences | Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecology


Peroxidases are enzymes that reduce reactive oxygen species (ROS) and oxidize organic substances in living cells. The textile industry, wastewater treatment plants, immunological laboratories, and diagnostic laboratories have extensively used horseradish peroxidase for their oxidating needs. This research aims to provide a tool for identifying potentially useful sources of peroxidases in addition to specifically pinpointing a novel peroxygenase in jalapeño seeds. By using two widely accepted peroxidase assays, the guaiacol assay and the fluorophenol assay, fruits of the genus Cucurbita and roots or leaves of the family Brassicaceae were seen to have high peroxidase activity. Additionally, novel peroxygenase activity was discovered in jalapeño seeds. As a result, an informative library of peroxidases was created.