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School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Interdisciplinary Studies


image analysis, atomization, fluid mechanics, application design, MATLAB, computational fluid dynamics


Acoustics, Dynamics, and Controls | Computational Engineering | Signal Processing


Atomization involves disrupting a flow of contiguous liquid into small droplets ranging from one submicron to several hundred microns (micrometers) in diameter through the processes of exerting sufficient forces that disrupt the retaining surface tensions of the liquid. Understanding this phenomenon requires high-speed imaging from physical models or rigorous multiphase computational fluid dynamics models. We produce a MATLAB application that utilizes various methods of image analysis to quickly analyze and store mathematical data from detailed image analyses. We present a user with numerous tools and capabilities that provide results that deviate from 1.8% to 8.9% of the original image sequence depending on various factors. After comparing two-dimensional axisymmetric and planar cuts with the three-dimensional flat rendering, we found that the data is more dissimilar than similar based on analysis of mean, standard deviation, maximum, and minimum measurements.