Publication Date

Spring 5-6-2024


School of Music


Music: Worship Studies


Worship, technology, corporate worship, corporate musical worship


Liturgy and Worship | Other Music


There are many people who have researched and written on the topic of technology in corporate musical worship. The research reveals eight biblical principles for the use of technology in those contexts as follows: technology in corporate musical worship is meant to be practical; is meant to help the Church communicate; is meant to be driven by the Holy Spirit; is meant to be intentionally efficient; is meant to encourage a unified heart of worship to God; is meant to communicate the gospel; is meant to reflect and amplify God; and is meant to be done with hearts pleasing to God. In this study, three interviews were conducted and the data were analyzed to determine if those principles were reflected in how churches applied technology in corporate musical worship settings. After analysis, the eight principles articulated in the literature were found to be reflected in the interviews as well.