Publication Date

Spring 5-6-2024


School of Music


Music: Instrumental--Teacher Certification; Music: Woodwind, Brass, or Percussion Performance


Music | Music Performance


J.S. Bach used more idiomatic practices for the oboe family in his vocal works. Bach combined his own musical inspirations with the practices used by other composers, giving the oboe a greater variety in its orchestral roles. The aim of this thesis is to evaluate Bach’s use of the oboe family in some of his cantatas and vocal works. This thesis provides an overview of the historical context of Bach’s works for oboe, a brief biography of the composer, information about the development of the oboe family, and relevant musical analyses featuring the oboe family from selected Bach works. An explanation of how Bach treated different members of the oboe family will be given, as well as a description of how Bach helped to advance the roles of each member of the oboe family.