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School of Engineering and Computational Sciences


Engineering: Electrical


UAV swarms, swarm intelligence, autonomy, communication systems


Engineering | Systems and Communications


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) swarms have the potential to be useful in numerous applications due to their versatility and ability to operate without human intervention. However, this promising technology still requires further investigation, research, and testing before UAV swarms can be implemented extensively. The level of human intervention needed to control the system determines the differing levels of autonomy for UAV swarms. For swarms to become more independent, efficient algorithms for task and path planning are essential. In addition, accurate communication is essential for swarms to be able to coordinate and accomplish tasks successfully. This paper seeks to provide a review on the architecture, communication, applications, and challenges associated with UAV swarms. Furthermore, this paper discusses the types of communication that have been used or proposed for UAV swarms. Lastly, this paper provides a review of the potential applications of UAV swarms, as well as the research issues which still exist surrounding this technology.