Publication Date

Spring 4-29-2024


School of Communication


Studio and Digital Arts


graphic design, cross-cultural communication, branding, Japanese culture, makeup, skincare, web design, marketing campaign


Graphic Design


Due to globalization, many companies are expanding their reach into foreign markets that have different cultural contexts. As a result, having versatile branding that can be easily adapted to different cultures becomes extremely important when communicating with consumers from other countries. To develop this branding it is crucial for companies to employ cross-cultural design, which involves much more than simply translating text into the consumers language. In order to successfully expand its products to the Japanese market Glossier will have to apply cross-cultural research to redesign their current branding materials and communication channels. This project focuses on preserving brand cohesiveness while employing cross-cultural design principles to tailor marketing materials in a way that will better reach the target audience when designing across cultures.