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School of Health Sciences


Exercise Science: Therapeutic


resistance training, supplemental training, female athlete triad, injury prevention, dance, HIIT


Rehabilitation and Therapy | Sports Sciences


Ballet, a style of dance that is known for its 180-degree external rotation, extreme precision, discipline, and aesthetics, is an athletic activity that is undertaken by many young people, particularly females. Although ballet has many athletic components, recent studies have shown there are a variety of weaknesses that impact its participants, including the female athlete triad, lack of lower extremity muscular strength, risk of injury, and overtraining. According to recent research, strength training, although not historically paired with ballet, could minimize ballet dancers’ deficiencies by increasing muscular strength and reducing risk of injury and incidence of the female athlete triad. The purpose of this thesis is to analyze the summation of research findings pertaining to the benefits and weaknesses of ballet and how strength training may be optimally integrated into the training program of ballet dancers.