Publication Date

Spring 4-2024


School of Behavioral Sciences




mindfulness, teacher stress, teacher burnout, teacher depression


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Across school districts, teachers face high stress levels, inhibiting their ability to engage effectively with and teach students. Teachers can learn and utilize effective strategies to offset the difficulties of the profession. School districts often encourage and provide stress-reduction training for teachers; a new stress-reduction technique is known as mindfulness. Mindfulness is a cognitive skill that encourages internal and external awareness of emotions, feelings, and surroundings; it presents to be a beneficial strategy for increasing well-being in many professions. The present study, conducted among K-12 teachers in East Tennessee, will investigate the relationship between teacher mindfulness and each factor of stress, burnout, and depression. Participants will complete a series of online surveys to measure these components; the correlations drawn from these data will be utilized to examine the relationships between teacher mindfulness and each measure of stress, burnout, and depression. From these findings, school districts can better understand how to serve and support teachers, benefitting both educators and students.