Publication Date

Spring 4-26-2024


College of Arts and Sciences


Applied Mathematics and Statistics; Mathematics


statistical linguistics, stylometry, statistics, linguistics, digital humanities, mathematics, authorship, biblical studies, Greek, Hebrews, Paul, Luke


Applied Statistics | Biblical Studies | Language Interpretation and Translation | Statistical Theory


The authorship of Hebrews has been a point of contention for scholars for the past two millennia. While the epistle is traditionally attributed to Paul, many scholars assert that it carries thematic, structural, and stylistic differences from the remainder of his extant epistles; therefore, many other possible authors have been proposed. Of these, only Luke has other New Testament writings. Therefore, this project conducts a statistical comparison of Hebrews to the Pauline and Lukan corpora using stylometric authorial analysis methods. This analysis demonstrates that Hebrews is stylistically closer to Lukan literature than Pauline (but not to a significant degree), and thus concludes that Luke is a possible but not definite author (or possibly a co-author).