Publication Date

Spring 4-22-2024


School of Behavioral Sciences




masculinity, counseling, self-stigma, help-seeking, gender-role conflict


Counseling | Counseling Psychology | Psychology


Male perceptions of masculinity are commonly studied in the psychological world as inhibitors to seeking mental health help or counseling. This research proposal addresses the roles of gender-role conflict and self-stigma of help-seeking in how they predict the male tendency to seek help at lower rates than females. The sample being analyzed in this study will consist of male and female students in the psychology department at Liberty University. Participants will complete the Self-Stigma of Seeking Help Scale (SSOH), the Gender-Role Conflict Scale I (GRCS-I), and the Attitude Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale (ATSPPHS). Results will explore which factor is the strongest predictor of negative help-seeking attitudes and how these results differ between males and females. Further, the results indicate the directions for future improvements in health care to improve mental health help-seeking outcomes, such as increasing mental health literacy, encouraging help-seeking from young ages, and making mental health resources more accessible across demographics.