Publication Date

Spring 4-9-2024


School of Business


Business: Finance


disaster management, geographic information systems, rocket cargo transportation, logistics, resource planning


Business Analytics | Finance and Financial Management | Nonprofit Administration and Management


This paper provides an overview of the application of space-based technologies, specifically Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology and rocket cargo launches, to disaster management operations. GIS links data from satellites, remote sensing, and other sources to dashboards, allowing relief teams to monitor relevant demographic, environmental, and disaster details. This information supports multiple aspects of planning and decision-making in the preparedness, response, and relief stages of the disaster management cycle. Rocket cargo transportation, an emerging method of shipping supplies, will allow for supplies to be shipped anywhere in the world in under twenty-four hours. This can be used in a future disaster relief scenario through the delivery of supplies in a timely manner. Both GIS and rocket cargo transportation are applied to a hypothetical flooding scenario, demonstrating how these technologies are and would be applied to three of the four disaster management cycle phases.