Publication Date

Spring 4-18-2024


School of Music


Artistic Development; Commercial Music


Music Therapy, Music Theory, Songwriting, Trauma, Commercial Music, Chord Progressions, Co-writing


Composition | Fine Arts | Music | Music Performance | Music Theory | Music Therapy | Other Music


Despite the fact that music is commonly described as free therapy with easily accessible content in the modern age of streaming, most people do not realize that music they already listen to contains many legitimate, psychologically tested therapy. This creative artistic research study examines the role that music therapy processes and techniques play in affecting the form, songwriting and creative processes of the modern music industry. These foundational aspects of songs elicit neurological responses, the emotional effect of which is discussed and incorporated through creative research and implementation through a creative artifact. This study explores songwriting techniques found in various music therapy approaches like group-write, improvisation, and chord progression analyses. Each of these techniques uniquely impact songs and how they shape the music industry and creative connection with audiences. Songwriting styles and modern industry trends are discussed, as well as their popularity and impact on audiences over the last several years. The project culminates in a creative artifact of a six-song album in singer-songwriter-demo-style utilizing various aspects of the music therapy processes analyzed in this study as well as popular music styles that have proven popular and impactful in the modern industry. This artifact demonstrates the effects and influence these techniques have on the modern music industry.