Publication Date

Spring 5-2023


School of Music


Music: World Cultures


Ethnomusicology, CLAT, Sarawak, Malaysia, Music, Performing Arts, Christian Worship, Missiology




Ethnomusicology is a relatively new field of study. Its value is seen as Christian worldwide employ the principles of ethnomusicology to encourage the local church to use their musical gifts and styles to worship God. Many indigenous people groups in Malaysia are being overlooked and treated unjustly. The local Christian Church in Malaysia is responsible for reaching the local population with biblical truth and hope. Although Christians in Malaysia are a minority, Christianity is a major religion in Sarawak, Malaysia. This disparity is reflected in more ethnomusicological research conducted in Sarawak than West Malaysia. Local pastors and musicians in Sarawak are some of the leading ethnomusicologists in Malaysia. Their approach is informal, and they need to document their process. This research aims to study the process of ethnomusicological research and local songwriting in two other predominantly Muslim countries and to present songwriting methods that can be adopted by the local churches in Sarawak, Malaysia.