Publication Date

Spring 5-2023


School of Nursing


Nursing (B.S.N.)


Infertility, Ethics, Biblical Worldview, In Vitro Fertilization


Bioethics and Medical Ethics | Family Practice Nursing | Maternal, Child Health and Neonatal Nursing | Women's Health


This thesis reviews a variety of options for treatment of infertility, along with ethical considerations for each. The basis for ethical concerns will be primarily a biblical worldview, as the goal is to support Christian couples in decisions regarding infertility treatment. The biblical worldview is outlined to provide readers with an understanding of its core principles, and the Bible is used as the primary source for ethical discussion. The most common etiologies of infertility are outlined, followed by treatment modalities grouped by category. While some modalities present very few ethical concerns, others require careful consideration in many regards. Many of these treatments fall into ethical grey areas, and thus the decision regarding their allowability is left in the hands of the reader. While this thesis discusses a wide variety of treatment modalities, it is not intended to encompass every possible option. The most commonly utilized and those with significant ethical concerns are addressed.